Silver War Dominoes and Marbles

At an antique shop, Georgetown Texas.

Nice Grandmotherly Shopkeeper [to Isaac]: “Do you like my store?”
Isaac: “It’s kind of boring.”
Shop Keeper: “Oh, that’s too bad.  I guess you don’t want to see a real sword, since the store is boring.”
Isaac: “Well, um, I meant jewelry is boring.  I just don’t like jewelry.”

Shop Keeper [showing him the sword]: “Hold it tight, it’s kind of heavy.  It’s from the Civil War way back in 1826.”
Richard: “1862?”
Shop Keeper: “You know, I’m so old, I almost remember it.  I knew that!”
Isaac: “Wow, the Silver War!”

Shop Keeper [showing Isaac some miniature dominoes carried by soldiers]: “The soldiers needed something to do when they sat around the campfire, so they made these tiny dominoes out of bones so they could play games.”
Isaac: “They dug up people’s bones and made these?  Gross!”

Shop Keeper: “Do you play marbles?”
Isaac: “I love marbles!  My friends and me play all the time!”
Shop Keeper:  “Since you decided my store wasn’t boring, I want to give you this.  It’s a clay marble some soldiers made.  They probably turned the clay purple with grape juice and then fired it in their camp fire.”
Isaac [holding it carefully]: “Wow!  This is the most special thing I’ve ever owned!”

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