Theater Camp

At the big show that ends Theater Camp.
Megan [a teacher]: “Who can tell the audience what the set is?”
Isaac [raising his hand]: “It’s a new Star Wars Lego set and I really like it!”
Richard [to himself]: “At least he didn’t answer ‘Anakin’ when they asked who was his favorite Winnie the Pooh character.”


Isaac:  “If a tree fell on a chicken, that would be funny.”
Richard: “But that would hurt the chicken.”
Isaac: “You have to have a brain to get hurt.  Chickens aren’t alive!”
Richard: “Yes they are.”
Isaac: “No they aren’t!  Chickens are made from ingredients, and they don’t put hearts in!”
Richard: “I’m pretty sure they are alive.”
Isaac [stomps off with indignation]: “Richard!  Sometimes you are too silly to talk to!”