Meat that Swims

[Family is watching Frozen Planet. A wolf is splashing through the water toward a duck.]

Isaac: “Does that wolf eat, um, meat that swims?”

Richard: “Yes. Yes he does.”

(6 yr olds are super-sensitive as they try to figure out right and wrong, life and death.  So if you see him, no teasing about this one!)

All Wet

Richard [tickling Isaac]:

Isaac [laughing]: “S  O  P  T”

Richard [still tickling]: “S  O  P  T ???”  That doesn’t mean anything!”


Isaac [still laughing]:  “Yes it does.   It mean, um to get all soaked in something!”


Isaac [while camping]:  “Why aren’t knives allowed in school?”
Richard: “You aren’t supposed to take anything to school that could be used to hurt someone?”
Isaac: “What?!  I’d have to cut off my hands!  They can hurt people!”

So Silly

Isaac [to his friend J.]: “Let me know if you are going to take your head off.”

Richard [from the next room]: “No!  If he takes his head off he will die.”

Isaac: “No, not for real we are playing legos.”

J. [sighing]: “Why is he always so silly?”

Isaac: “I don’t know.  Some dads are just that way.”