A Brief Exegesis on Writing by Hand


In case you were wondering:  this handwriting is not clear enough for Adobe Acrobat OCR.   Evernote OCR can read it reasonably well, and that will work for now.  Unfortunately (but understandably), Evernote will not export the OCRed text—I am limited to searching in Evernote.  I imagine there is other OCR software that can also read it.  No doubt, however, I need to get my handwriting tuned up a bit.  And finally, outsourcing handwritten documents to be typed is relatively cheap.  

Racial Tensions

Isaac [limping at Scouts ]:  “Thomas hurt me when we were wrestling.  He didn’t stop when he was supposed to.”

Richard: “That’s too bad.  Which boy is Thomas?”

Isaac:  “The one with brown hair.”

Richard: “A lot of kids have brown hair.  Give me a bit more to work with.”

Isaac: “He has brown skin too.”

Richard: “Um, okay.  I guess that works.”*

*We do live in Sauk Rapids, MN.  Not exactly a diverse community.


Isaac [pondering the Titanic]:  “You know what would have worked?  Cover the ship entirely in gold with only one door.  That would be strong!”
Richard: “Or maybe diamonds?”
Isaac:  “Or road.  You can’t break a road”

Fry: “Those fools.  When will they learn to make a ship with a 1001 hulls?”