Racial Tensions

Isaac [limping at Scouts ]:  “Thomas hurt me when we were wrestling.  He didn’t stop when he was supposed to.”

Richard: “That’s too bad.  Which boy is Thomas?”

Isaac:  “The one with brown hair.”

Richard: “A lot of kids have brown hair.  Give me a bit more to work with.”

Isaac: “He has brown skin too.”

Richard: “Um, okay.  I guess that works.”*

*We do live in Sauk Rapids, MN.  Not exactly a diverse community.


Isaac [pondering the Titanic]:  “You know what would have worked?  Cover the ship entirely in gold with only one door.  That would be strong!”
Richard: “Or maybe diamonds?”
Isaac:  “Or road.  You can’t break a road”

Fry: “Those fools.  When will they learn to make a ship with a 1001 hulls?”