Special guest Isaacism.

Richard: “When you grow up and there are spaceships, will you go to Mars?”
Max: “No way!  Don’t you know about that first teacher to go to the Moon?  What if the spaceship runs out of gas and falls to the bottom of space and explodes?!?!?!”


Isaac:  “How do tornadoes work?”
Richard: “The air spins in a circle really fast.”
Isaac : “That’s what they do. I want to know how they work.”
Richard: “I’m not sure how to explain that to you right now.”
Isaac:  “God could.  He’s good with words. He knows almost all of them.”


Isaac: “If you eat too much, it gets stacked up in your neck and drinking water makes it go down.”
Richard:  “I think the problem is you’re not chewing you food enough before you swallow.”
Isaac [indignant]: “I am too!  Watch!”
Isaac [puts spaghetti in mouth, chews frenetically and sticks out tongue] “See!”


Isaac [carrying his pants]:  “I was in the bathroom talking quietly to myself and I said ‘it would sure be nice to have very clean pants tomorrow.’  Then I thought that was a really good idea, so I’m gonna put these in the laundry.”