A guest Isaacism

Richard is walking a neighborhood 4 year old to his house.

Richard: “After I take you home I’m going to go for a walk.”

B.: “Do you want me to go for a walk with you?”

Richard: “It’s going to be a bit far, so how about we will go a little way and then your house.”

B. “That’s good.  My aunt is there and she will play with me.”

[After walking a bit]

Richard: “You sure do have a lot of good aunts.”

B.: “Richard, that’s cause I’m  the happiest boy in the world!”

Radioactive Planes and Adventure Science

The scene:  Richard and Isaac are at the computer.  Richard is showing Isaac how we can real-time track the location of the Adventure Science team in the mountains of California. 

Richard:  “Look there.  They are almost at the location I told them to check out.  [Richard pulls up an  aerial photo]  “See, there’s an anomaly there – that really bright spot.   There might be something there, like a crashed plane.”

Isaac: “Are you sure it’s not a plane carrying radioactive material that is leaking and woke up some Weeping Angels?”

Richard:  “No.  No, I’m not.  That’s why I sent Simon.”

Body Issues

A guest Isaacism, from a friend travelling in the Greece.

The scene: blue skies, green-blue water, submerged ruins of an ancient church peek out from the waves.   Two young American boys are dressed head-to-toe in appropriate sun-blocking swimwear, with floatation devices strapped on for extra-safety.  Local little kids are, of course, naked.

Mom [pointing out a little girl to her son]: “Why don’t you go say hello in Greek?”

Son: [hesitating and making a face]: “I don’t like the ways that girl’s butt looks.”