A guest Isaacism

Richard is walking a neighborhood 4 year old to his house.

Richard: “After I take you home I’m going to go for a walk.”

B.: “Do you want me to go for a walk with you?”

Richard: “It’s going to be a bit far, so how about we will go a little way and then your house.”

B. “That’s good.  My aunt is there and she will play with me.”

[After walking a bit]

Richard: “You sure do have a lot of good aunts.”

B.: “Richard, that’s cause I’m  the happiest boy in the world!”

Farewell, Roosevelt School

The Roosevelt Elementary School (now the Roosevelt Learning Center), burned down Saturday night (6/15/2014).  The building was built in 1920, and featured a beautiful stairway flanked by two huge marble columns.  I walked through those doors many, many times (a decade apart) with two of my children, and I do not think I once passed the columns without pressing my palm to one and murmuring an appreciative word.   I loved to watch the little heads crane skyward, and I can only imagine the columns seemed as tall as the sky to them.   The community has lost an anchor for many families.


St Cloud Times Photo


The intact column


The broken column


This is the calm-down tree.  If you were a frustrated student, this is where you could go to get things under control.


The spouse just stacked those blue chairs a week ago

A youngster says goodbye to his first classrooms


Some nice brickwork you were never meant to see

Radioactive Planes and Adventure Science

The scene:  Richard and Isaac are at the computer.  Richard is showing Isaac how we can real-time track the location of the Adventure Science team in the mountains of California. 

Richard:  “Look there.  They are almost at the location I told them to check out.  [Richard pulls up an  aerial photo]  “See, there’s an anomaly there – that really bright spot.   There might be something there, like a crashed plane.”

Isaac: “Are you sure it’s not a plane carrying radioactive material that is leaking and woke up some Weeping Angels?”

Richard:  “No.  No, I’m not.  That’s why I sent Simon.”

Body Issues

A guest Isaacism, from a friend travelling in the Greece.

The scene: blue skies, green-blue water, submerged ruins of an ancient church peek out from the waves.   Two young American boys are dressed head-to-toe in appropriate sun-blocking swimwear, with floatation devices strapped on for extra-safety.  Local little kids are, of course, naked.

Mom [pointing out a little girl to her son]: “Why don’t you go say hello in Greek?”

Son: [hesitating and making a face]: “I don’t like the ways that girl’s butt looks.”