Pinewood Derby Trophies and the Impermanence of Success

[guest Isaacism]

Darren [excited]:  “Did you see that?!  I won two races!”

Richard: “Good job!”

[10 minutes later]

Darren [whining]: “Can we go home yet?  This is boring!”

Richard: “Um, I think you’ll want to stay till the end.”

[30 minutes later, Darren holding 2nd Place trophy and smiling]

Announcer:  “Winners will go on to the District to compete again”

Darren: “I have to race again?”

Richard: “You get to!  You get to race against the kids in other Packs who won.  Then we will see who the very, very fastest is.”

Darren [look of horror on his face]: “If I lose, do they take my trophy away?!”

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